Starting Them Up

It's that time to get those sprinklers fired up for the season. And of course if you need help doing this, we are here to help if you need us.

 Now Mother Nature can do some damage to your sprinkler heads over time. If you find yourself on this side of bad luck and need to replace a few heads/nozzles, think about switching them nozzles out for the Hunter MP Rotators, these nozzles will save you a lot of water, they will also help if you have a low pressure issue, and they're pretty to watch them operate. You can also replace rotor heads for these also, since they have these nozzles that can throw up to about 30 feet.

If you have your turf watering with these nozzles, you will be the envy of the neighborhood for the pretty show these will put on!!

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This is getting ridiculous!

Well if a lot of you guy's are like us, you are SO READY for all this rain to get out of here for a while. While there isn't too much we can do out in our yards right now, the weeds are really starting to take off. So if you haven't yet gotten a pre-emergent down on your lawn, you really need to do that. Our soil temperature is getting on up there now, so the weeds are really going to start showing their ugly little heads. If you need some help in what to apply to your lawn, you can go to your local Site One landscape supply store and they would be happy to walk you through what you're needing and how to apply. Or you could call a great company like Turf Doctor, to put you on a chemical program for a reasonable price, then all you have to do is mow the grass, if that's your thing, and if not, give us a call and we will do it for you.